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Food Safety Audits and Inspection

The food safety audit team at Food Aware Australia can provide you with range of auditing and inspection services to meet the specific needs of your child care centre or school.

The objective of our highly skilled and approachable auditors is to ensure your audit is effective at indentifying deficiencies within your system. Our auditors will assess if you are complying with the requirements of the Food Standards Code, best practice and any relevant industry requirements.

When undertaken correctly, an audit becomes a valuable experience. It can be used to determine your current practices and identify if there are concerns in how food is being handled onsite. An audit is also used to verify ongoing compliance against set food safety standards.

Our clients enjoy the consistency of working closely with their auditor, building a deep understanding of the food safetAdd Newy systems in your child care centre or school. Your food business will also benefit from valuable feedback to assist with continually improving the overall management of food safety onsite.

No matter what type of food handling you undertake, our team will respect your uniqueness and help you to achieve the highest possible standards of food safety through thorough and effective auditing.

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