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Food Aware Membership

Becoming a part of our membership program will demonstrate to your valued consumers that your food business is a well respected member of the industry’s most trusted food safety service provider, Food Aware Australia Pty Ltd.

Our membership program only allows those food businesses that comply with our strict audit criteria to display our certification logo, providing immediate visual confidence your food service is maintaining the highest possible food safety standards.

We currently have two types of memberships available, one which is for those sites that have developed and implemented a written Food Safety Management System. The other is for food businesses who maintain excellent standards against the Food Standards Code.

To become a member you will be required to have an onsite audit that is used to assess your current standards against the audit criteria. Any non conformances identified during the audit will need to be closed within the prescribed time frame. Once closure has been verified by your auditor, you will be provided with the Food Aware Australia Membership logo which you are free to display at the entrance to your food business.

In addition to the audit, your food business will be provided with a 2 hour onsite food safety training session. The training is developed to meet your food safety needs and to reflect your onsite processes. Upon completion of the training each attendee will be provided with a certificate of Professional Development.

To continue to maintain your membership you will be subject to a brief unannounced onsite inspection. This is used to assess if the food business is maintaining their food safety standards.

Membership continues for 12 months on the condition the site maintains acceptable food safety standards. Once the 12 month membership has concluded, the audit and training cycle begins again.

A one off annual membership fee is applied at the beginning of the membership period. Once this fee is paid your food business is entitled to the following:

  • One onsite food safety audit
  • Report development including the audit findings and recommendations for improvement
  • One onsite food safety training presentation
  • Certificates of professional development and a post training package
  • One onsite un announced food safety inspection
  • Assistance and guidance to address and close non conformances
  • Phone and email consulting and support
  • Use of the Food Aware Australia membership logo to display at your food business, on your website or food transport vehicles

Please follow the link to contact a Food Aware Australia Team member to request a quote.

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