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Food Safety Program Development

The development of a food safety program for a child care centre or school needs to consider many factors, and include specific best practise standards that should be met. In addition, certain Australian states have individual legislative requirements that must be captured in your food safety program. Your food safety program is required to accurately reflect your child care centre or school’s processes, and consider all food safety hazards that are reasonably expected to occur.

The team at Food Aware Australia are skilled and very experienced in developing site specific food safety programs that not only meet, but exceed the expected requirements. We have an extensive history of developing food safety programs of the highest quality, whilst taking a practical approach. One of our key objectives is to develop a food safety program that will effectively support your daily food handling operations.

Our food safety programs are developed exclusively for each individual child care centre or school, accurately reflecting the food handling processes being undertaken. We will conduct a detailed assessment of your centre or school before development and work in consultation with key members of your team. This ensures the program is best for you and provides confidence of a successful implementation.

Once developed, our team can assist with implementation, employee training, ongoing program reviews, amendments, internal auditing and third party regulatory auditing.

If your child care centre or school requires a new food safety program, or you would like your current program to be reviewed and updated, please contact a member of our team to discuss your individual needs.

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