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Onsite Food Safety Training

Food safety training is vital when maintaining the highest possible standards of food safety in your food business.

Ensuring your food handling employees have the correct skills and knowledge to complete their food handling tasks safely, is both a legal and moral obligation.

Our team at Food Aware Australia recognise each food business is unique, and will have particular training requirements. Our training courses are specifically developed for each client, which is achieved by conducting a personalised training needs analysis.

Food Aware Australia specialise in onsite food safety training for all registered food businesses including hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars and supermarkets.

Food Safety Training Materials

To meet a growing industry need, Food Aware Australia has developed a comprehensive food safety training package that is specific for registered food businesses.

The aim of our food safety training materials is to provide a training program that can be delivered by an onsite facilitator, on any day, for any length of time, to any amount of attendees.

Our food safety training resource package includes 5 separate modules that cover all aspects of food safety in a systematic manner.

Before the food safety training program is developed, a consultation is undertaken to assess your training goals and the desired content of your food safety training materials.

Additional inclusions consist of detailed trainer’s notes, learning outcomes, certificates of professional development and an assessment task for each module.

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