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Food Safety Training and Training Materials

Food safety training is a critical element of any food business. Ensuring your food handlers have the correct skills and knowledge is both a legal and moral obligation. Read more


Food Safety Program Development

A food business may require a Food Safety Program for numerous reasons. Developing a comprehensive, effective and practical Food Safety Program can be challenging. Read more


Food Safety Audits and Inspections

When conducted correctly an audit is a positive and valuable experience. The objective is to ensure your audit is effective at identifying non conformances and deficiencies. Read more


Consulting and Support

Our professional and experienced consultants can provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your food safety objectives. Read more


Nutrition and Dietetics

We take pride in providing nutrition services that set the industry benchmark for quality and value. Our Dietitians work together with your team to provide superior health outcomes. Read more


Packaging Technology

Packaging technology is a highly specialized service Food Aware Australia can provide to the manufacturing sector. Packaging education sessions are available and can be delivered onsite specific to your needs. Read more


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